The Pavin Group chose Affi, an important touristic hub, to host its new concept store.

Just as is exemplified by their Headquarters, which is in Palazzo Thiene, an historical building by the architect Andrea Palladio located in the heart of Vicenza, the Pavin Group is fascinated by the competent skills of tradition, in relation to a more modern and dynamic style. Their boutiques, located in key points of the historic centres of Vicenza, Padua, Verona, Treviso, Bergamo, Bolzan, Milan, Turin, Trento and Udine express their goal to bind together the excellence of the past and the ability to interpret the future. Each Pavin Group boutique opens the doors to a unique environment, with a beautiful story to tell and to discover.

With this in mind, the new store which recently opened in Affi is set apart by its wide glass colonnade with an amazing scenographic value and the presence of an open space in continuity with the surrounding area. The exhibition area which extends for more than 300 square meters, was developed with a particular focus on the modularity of the spaces, with the goal to turn them from simple retail spaces to location suitable for refined exhibits and exclusive pop up with a lifestyle theme.