The new Ford Puma will be the protagonist of the Fashion Week 2020, from the 18th to the 24th of February 2020, collaborating with Camera Buyer Italia by making available three cars for the courtesy car service to make it easier for CBI buyers to move between fashion shows, presentations and the Camera Buyer Italia projects.

The elegant and sporty exterior design, along with the unmistakable interior design, make the new Ford Puma a SUV designed to be looked at and admired. With the powerful and efficient EcoBoost Hybrid technology, with 48-volt lithium-ion batteries, this SUV helps to optimize the fuel consumption and, at the same time, to reduce CO2 emissions, without the need for an outlet to recharge. The new Ford Co-Pilot technologies and the innovative trunk with Megabox, ensure a safe and practical driving experience which will satisfy all types of clients and which frees up an extraordinary 456 litres of cargo space. Furthermore, the SUV is equipped with a 12,3” digital instrument panel which is customizable both in color and design.