On the 24th of October 2019 Bernardelli Stores hosted an intimate event to present its new store in Corso Umberto I 27 in Mantua, which opened on the 12th of September after a complete renovation. The evening started at 16:30 with an exclusive guided visit of an exhibit by Giulio Romano inside the Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te and ended with a traditional Mantuan dinner in the spaces adjacent to the store, following a visit of the new Bernardelli spaces.

The renovation, curated by the architectural firm Storage Associati, pertained to the historical headquarters of the Group, with the intent to display in the same space diametrically opposed styles. The project is inspired by the concept of “home” as a personal place, intimate and precious and for this very reason worthy of being shared; a sense of hospitality which the property imparts with pride.

Inside the store the reassuring original flooring, previously renovated and enhanced in the Seventies by the architect Gianfranco Cavaglià, creates the foundation for the warm walls made of polished wood and brass.

While it is full of classical and seemingly static elements, the staging was designed to be ever changing and highly adaptable in order to make it possible to follow the incessant evolution of trends.

The same attention and dedication were put in the renovation of the outside spaces: a gift from the Gozzoli family – owner of the Bernardelli brand – to the City.

The gallery accessible from Corso Umberto I opens on a small garden which gives a view of the shop windows. Decorated with rural vases and wooden floors, this garden stimulates relaxation and induces inner wellbeing. In front of the garden three magnificent arches frame a reproduction of the “Nike of Samothrace” made by Brunivo Buttarelli, a dynamic symbol of movement which represents both action and victory. A second gallery opens on the main courtyard where the main hall is located: an open-air rectangular space where the store’s entrance can be found.